Monday, 23 June 2014

The nostalgic architects toolkit

Since I originally started in architecture when I was just 16. I trained old school style on the drawing board. It was a stand up drawing board and lovely old rotring ink pens. I used 120 grade tracing paper with either scotch masking tape or draughting pins to hold it in place. 

The thicker grade tracing paper allowed you more margin for error for scratching out with a razor blade. No delete buttons here just a draughters skill to minimise the error using his skill with the razor blade. 

So it was with time accumulated hand eye co ordination and skill which produced lovingly crafted drawings. Some how this process allowed a fuller and better understanding of what was being designed and drawn.

I learnt the skill of scale and proportion  and the draughters skill with the pencil and ink pen. At the same time learning how to mend the ink pens  ( mainly the clogged 0.25!) and fix the dye line machine!

I used the instruments like a surgeon uses his and I used a proper film SLR 35mm camera almost every day in my work.

The thick pencil providing my very first thoughts and ideas through thickly drawn lines on water colour paper. I became adept with the water colour brush and pencil in equal measure.

Interestingly I still try to use those time proven skills and hand crafted methods today. Even with the lovely shiny new computers and software they are still just a tool. Just like the pencil and paper but somehow the latter connect directly from my mind to the paper better than resistors and silicon chip architecture of today.

Friday, 20 June 2014

the life and times

This is a new and wonderful thing.(Jun 14)..its going to be random and probably not completely organised but hopefully if nothing else probably interesting to a select few....

I have been encouraged to write a bloggy thing by good friend of mine who shall remain nameless but he knows only too well its his fault. I should like to add this is likely to be infrequent as well...Im busy doing all sorts as you will discover....

As an architect in this fabulous city of London there are just too many distractions....interests and events and things off the beaten path to keep one busy. You will probably never find me in a an area which is a bit too 'popular'. I prefer to be away from crowds and so the idea of walking down the likes of Oxford St might just be well to be frank and bit too much...However, venture off the back streets on either side and I might....might just be wandering around....

So Im an architect based in south west London with my own architectural practice ( focusing on craftmanship and good design with an appetite for the quirky, eclectic tastes, avante garde, design, interesting independent shops ( hat shops, vintage/traditional shops), good expresso, good independent proper mens clothes shops.

Strangely a diverse interest in vintage and classic motorcycles. A classic BSA 650cc ridden most weeks to and from projects. Its likely you might have seen me in and around Tooting on my way to and from somewhere. Unless of course it fails to start....In which case I jump on my Bonneville as it a bit newer...An interest in classic Volkswagen Beetles a classic 1969/70 in porsche 356 silver grey is and has been in my careful ownership for sometime. So given that I have an ear for a wide range of music but more likely to be listening to anything from classical music to 50s rock n roll. So I make no apology for it.

Given the above you wouldnt believe or so I been told that I have a tropical/jungle garden full of palms and bananas and koi but in fact Im a keen plants person. The garden was previously open under the National Garden Scheme for 6/7 years and then with the Red Cross for a few years. Im not opening it at the moment as... well Im up to various things.

When Im not doing any of the above I can be found weightlifting...I dont mean going to the gym either in the modern sense...all those tvs and bikes. I mean old school approach growing up with it in the family but thats another story which might just come to the surface every once and awhile.

On a sunny afternoon I might just disappear off somewhere to relax and cruise on my original skateboards...1970s..well sorry but its got proper wheels on it for cruising....If its raining well its time to hit the Gretsch 6120 and Vox 1960s valve amp.....for some blues and rock and roll, and if I dont I might be fiddling with my Edwardian /Arts and crafts house ...which needs constant love and attention...See I told you I was busy doing things....not too mention the art and craft of magic and illusion...although you can see one too many card tricks dont you think...

Anyway this is a lazy Friday afternoon and Ive just bumped into my neighbour and was invited in to see her wonderful garden. I might just get a cup of 'clipper' Earl Grey tea as it seems like a Tea moment...So I will catch up soon and do follow if you like in a good way...