Monday, 23 June 2014

The nostalgic architects toolkit

Since I originally started in architecture when I was just 16. I trained old school style on the drawing board. It was a stand up drawing board and lovely old rotring ink pens. I used 120 grade tracing paper with either scotch masking tape or draughting pins to hold it in place. 

The thicker grade tracing paper allowed you more margin for error for scratching out with a razor blade. No delete buttons here just a draughters skill to minimise the error using his skill with the razor blade. 

So it was with time accumulated hand eye co ordination and skill which produced lovingly crafted drawings. Some how this process allowed a fuller and better understanding of what was being designed and drawn.

I learnt the skill of scale and proportion  and the draughters skill with the pencil and ink pen. At the same time learning how to mend the ink pens  ( mainly the clogged 0.25!) and fix the dye line machine!

I used the instruments like a surgeon uses his and I used a proper film SLR 35mm camera almost every day in my work.

The thick pencil providing my very first thoughts and ideas through thickly drawn lines on water colour paper. I became adept with the water colour brush and pencil in equal measure.

Interestingly I still try to use those time proven skills and hand crafted methods today. Even with the lovely shiny new computers and software they are still just a tool. Just like the pencil and paper but somehow the latter connect directly from my mind to the paper better than resistors and silicon chip architecture of today.

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